FAQ about Country Country Club Estates Cooperative, Inc

Note: The statements contained herein are only summary in nature.  A prospective purchaser should refer to all references, exhibits hereto, the sales contract, and the cooperative documents.   Also, please click on the question to reveal the answer.

  • Who can rent a BOAT SLIP?
    120 boat slips are available for rent to homeowners within Country Club Estates - boat slip rentals are not available to the general public.  The maximum boat length is 40 ft., and slips are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Do you have RULES & REGULATIONS?
    Yes - Please see Rules and Regulations in the "About Us" tab or in our office.
  • Do you have a RESERVE ACCOUNT established and is it being funded?
    Internet services are provided in the club house and activity building.  Internet service in individual homes is the owner's responsibility.  Typically, rental homes do not come with internet services.
  • When is TRASH PICK-UP?
    There are two pick-ups per week.  Trash, recyclables, and yard waste is on Tuesdays.  Trash only is on Fridays.
  • Are BACKGROUND CHECKS done on potential buyers and renters?
    Yes.  Background checks are required to get approval prior to purchasing and renting a home in Country Club Estates.  Also, financial and criminal checks are done on purchasers.
    Yes.  Currently, there is one for the repair/replacement of our harbor sea wall.  The assessment was announced 12/12/19.  The final installment of this assessment is due 2/1/2021.  Full payment of this special assessment is the responsibility of the current owner of record.  
  • Do you allow PETS?
    Yes.  We are a pet friendly community adhering to applicable local, state, and federal laws.  One (1) dog per home is allowed in the designated pet section of the park, with regulations as to the size, number of, and breed of dog.  There are up to two (2) inside house cats allowed.  Please see our rules and regulations in the "About Us" tab, or available in our office.
  • Are there any limits to HOW MANY HOMES CAN I OWN?
  • What about REAL ESTATE TAXES?
    Individual homes are assessed by Sarasota County, and taxes are paid directly to Sarasota County.  Real estate taxes are payable starting in November for the current year, and are due March 31st of the next calendar year.
  • How much are my ASSESSMENTS / FEES to the cooperative association for my unit, and when are they due?
    Yes.  There are two (2): one is the regular HOA assessment covering maintenance & repair, staff salaries, and reserve account funding, which is due the first day of each month.  The 2020 amount is $195.00.  The second is a fee for water, city services like storm water, trash, recyclables, yard waste and HD cable, which is due the 15th day of each month.  The base rate for 2020 is $104.88, and may vary based on owner usage.  Electric service is provided by Florida Power & Light and is the individual owner's responsibility.   
  • What are my VOTING RIGHTS in the cooperative association?
    The owner of each membership certificate shall be entitled to one (1) vote.
  • What restrictions exist in the cooperative documents on MY RIGHT TO USE MY UNIT / HOME?
    Occupancy and use restrictions are set forth in the governing documents.  All units/homes are single family residences.  No person other than an adult whose minimum age can be no less than 45 years of age, and one of which must be 55 years of age or older, shall be permitted to permanently reside in the Cooperative.
  • Do I have to be a MEMBER IN ANY OTHER ASSOCIATION? Is so, what is the name of the association and what are my voting rights in this association? Also, how much are my assessments?
  • What restrictions exist in the cooperative documents on the RENTING / LEASING of my home/unit?
    Leases and rentals are permitted subject to approval of the Association.  Rentals are to be for a minimum term of 30 days.
  • Am I required to PAY RENT OR LAND USE FEES FOR RECREATIONAL OR OTHER COMMONLY USED FACILITIES? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually?
    No.  An exception is for Country Club Estate boat slips where a separate price sheet applies.  This price sheet is available in the office listing current slip rental rates.
  • Is the cooperative association or other mandatory membership association involved in any COURT CASES in which it MAY FACE LIABILITY IN EXCESS OF $100,000.00? If so identify each such case.